San Diego Comic Convention

I've been attending the San Diego Comic Convention since 1985, and have many photos of comic professionals, icons, fans, models, movie stars, rock stars, and exhibitionists who mingle with the Great Unwashed every year, for 4 days straight, (usually in the muggiest, hottest time of year).

The majority of these photos were taken with an old school 35 mm Bell 'n' Howell camera that my brother gave me in 1968. I also used a hand held light meter. That's the "thing" hanging around my neck in some of the pix.

Credits to pix taken by other friends are duly noted.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Kate Kane, (f. "Crabb"), and Krystine Kryttre


Larry Marder said...

Actually, I got an e-mail from out of the blue from Ms Kane a few weeks ago and she is now "Kika!"
"Kika Kane" is a perfect name for her, don't you agree?

Mary Fleener said...

Hi Larry! I talked to Kika this week...she probably has even MORE photos than I do, going back to 1982. I'm trying to talk her into starting a blog archive as well.

I like her other name, too: Kikalani!!

Kika (Kate) Kane said...

It's SO good to be back in CA reconnecting with old pals after my soujourn on Hawai'i! Went to the APE this past weekend & saw some great artwork & wonderful friends.
I was glad to get a copy from Jackie Estrada of her impressive "Comic Con 40 Years"!!! So many memories! Perusing it after dinner Saturday night, JR, Jim Blanchard & Mario & Rebecka urged me to chronicle our underground viewpoint... Ya know I've got the photos, sketches & a few memory cells intact! It COULD happen (as Judy Tenuda used to say). But it looks like alotta WORK! Thank you for doing your part, Mary!